Chiang Mai Luxury Accommodation – Add More Enjoyment to Your Holidays

Staying in the right hotel will make your holiday in Chiang Mai even more enjoyable and memorable. So do not settle for second best. Always choose a renowned and proven Chiang Mai luxury accommodation where you will therefore feel like royalty. Look for first-class and personalized treatment from its staff and its owners. Here are some useful tips.

Chiang Mai Luxury Accommodation – Exclusivity

Check to see if you and your party are the only guests at the hotel throughout your stay. They should also offer pampering and VIP treatment for a truly relaxing and luxurious holiday. Do they tailor your itinerary to your liking? You need to be sure that you can do and experience all the best things in Chiang Mai and make the most of your stay.

Multi-awards and highly recognized

The most luxurious Chiang Mai luxury resorts can be found in Condé Nast Traveler’s Annual Hot List of the world’s best hotels. Likewise, it must have earned recognition as one of the best family-friendly hotels and one of the best hotels in the area for a truly memorable stay.

All-inclusive rates

Make sure that what you see is what you get, including full board. This means you pay only the posted rate and there are no additional surprises.


Avoid crowded hotels and consider an exclusive Chiang Mai luxury accommodation that makes it feel like you are staying in your own luxurious home away from home. You will find the best accommodations set in acres of lush tropical gardens and landscaped estates. Consider a place where you get all the luxuries of home, such as a living room, dining room and kitchen, a study, a barbecue area, and a family room. As a bonus, you should get your own pool, too.

Chiang Mai Luxury Accommodation – Only the best dining

Typically hotels serve the same food throughout your stay, with very little variety. Chiang Mai luxury accommodations let you enjoy a choice of dishes every dinner, including home-cooked authentic Thai food, which you will surely love. Dishes are tailored to your liking and are not repeated, unless you request to eat them again.