Thai Luxury Resorts for Dream holidays

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, receiving more than 20 million tourists per year. There are also many Thai luxury resorts to stay at. Its most famous city is energetic Bangkok, which is home to amazing nightlife and shopping options. But there is more to Thailand than just this bustling capital. From peaceful and laid back mountains to amazing beaches, there are hundreds of attractions to discover. And there’s nothing more dreamy than staying at one of the Thai luxury resorts. Are you are tired of staying at city hotels? Walking to the same old shopping malls? Then it’s time to stay at a quiet resort that provides breathtaking scenery, the beauty of lush greenery, mountains and quiet rice paddies.

One of the best things about Thai luxury resorts is that they aren’t as expensive as their western counterparts. You can expect reasonable prices at most of the best resorts in Thailand. They also offer personalized service you won’t find elsewhere. If you plan on staying in a luxury eco resort, why not book a private villa? Just imagine staying in a Thai Lanna style villa that has an infinity pool and lush gardens and a backdrop of Himalayan foothills.

Thai Luxury Resorts in Chiang Mai

One of the most amazing places outside of Bangkok is Chiang Mai. This historical and cultural city is a good base for nature hikes and visiting elephant sanctuaries in the surrounding countryside. Compared to Bangkok, this city has a slower pace of life and is more suitable for unwinding.

If you crave privacy you may be able to find a Thai luxury resort that accommodates only one guest or party at a time. This means that you never have to bump into other travelers while you are at the resort. It’s almost as if you own the villa. What’s more, service is impeccable and friendly. Some owners are very hands-on and will even cook for their guests and arrange for their traveling needs. Experience paradise like no other in Chiang Mai. And it’s easy to get there?  Chiang Mai has all the modern conveniences you are used to and more. Strong internet communications are also available in Thai Luxury Resorts, so you can stay as connected as you want to be with the outside world.