Chiang Mai luxury villa

Building Howie’s HomeStay – Luxury Villa Chiang Mai

Howie’s Homestay is a handcrafted work of art that took eight years and also hundreds of craftsmen to complete. This Chiang Mai luxury villa comprises seven private and unique golden teak pavilions. Most pavilions also have vaulted 8-meter golden teak ceilings. Modern technology in each room includes state-of-the-art entertainment and communication systems. We also used custom crafted bronze details and Jim Thompson silks throughout the property.

The relaxed, yet refined atmosphere, complements Northern Thailand’s rustic natural beauty with indulgent and modern comforts. Each structure was built with reclaimed and recycled teak wood. Natural light flows through walls of glass. Sloping roofs protect from the sunshine and gentle rain while recalling the splendor of the tranquil and elegant Lanna Thai era.

Golden teak wood floors, handcrafted teak furniture and museum quality antiques from across Southeast Asia round out the interior design.

Together with Bill Bensley we designed a unique Chiang Mai villa with private pool unlike any other Chiang Mai villa resort.

Private Chiang Mai luxury Villa

Bill Bensley – “King of exotic resorts”

Acclaimed architect Bill Bensley designed our Chiang Mai villa with private pool to provide the ultimate in luxurious living.

Named by Architectural Digest as one of the Top 100 Architects in the world for four consecutive years, he has changed the way villa resorts are being designed all over the world. Time magazine wrote; Bensley is the, “King of exotic resorts”.

Our request to Bill was to create a luxury villa in Chiang Mai as a holiday home that he would be proud to call his own. We loved his home in Bangkok. He and his partner, Jirachai Rengthong have sculpted a home and garden with heart and soul. Photographed for many architectural and life style magazines around the world, we wanted something similar yet different.

Thus the creation of Howie’s HomeStay. The perfect base for your holiday in Chiang Mai. Many people feel that Howie’s HomeStay is Bill Bensley’s best residential work to date.

The estate was featured in the April 2007 issue of Architectural Digest.

Howie and Jerri at Howie's Homestay

Howie’s HomeStay – A Chiang Mai villa experience like no other

My wife Jerri and I have traveled the world for work and leisure. We stayed at wonderful hotels. What we offer here in our Chiang Mai luxury villa is therefore the result of what we think a truly five-star hotel should be. This is how we like to be treated and the comforts we most enjoy as guests wherever we travel.

I have lived in Thailand for 25 years and Jerri is also Thai. We therefore add to that premise of privacy and luxury hospitality, an authentic local experience quite frankly unlike anywhere else. We love the sound of our guests eating the delicious home cooked meals prepared by Jerri. This is a food experience not available in any other resort, hotel or restaurant. That is unless you order eight different dishes from the menu at every meal. Even then you are not really sure what you have ordered or who cooked it. Here by contrast, you are welcome in our kitchen, anytime. We want our guests to experience all the delicate nuances, unexpected tastes and exotic flavors of homemade Thai food just as we cook for our friends and family.

With our extensive local knowledge we therefore tailor your excursions to the absolute best places. Visit authentic local haunts not overrun with tourists and also get up close to the real Thailand. Don’t just experience the sterilized, guide book versions of what foreigners think other foreigners ought to do.

Chiang Mai luxury Villa - Howie's HomeStay
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