Beauty of Luxury Private Villas in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In 2014, more than 24 million tourists visited Thailand. This Southeast Asian country is visited by a large number of people due to its unique offers. From bustling cities with exotic nightlife and amazing shopping to peaceful islands and quiet mountains. One of the best things about Thailand is the cost of living is affordable; everything is cheap compared to western countries. A night at a private villa in Thailand will only cost as much as a night in an average hotel in a major city like New York! So if you are looking to visit Chiang Mai, book a private villa—you can afford it.

Some advantages to staying in a private villa:

  • Privacy – Most hotels offer a variety of facilities but there are limitations. The main problem is that you have to share the pool, the gym, and the dining areas with other guests. In a private villa, the entire place is yours. Some of the best resorts take one party at a time. If you and your family are staying at the villa, you don’t have to share the facilities or amenities with other guests.
  • Home away from home – Hotels generally struggle to provide a ‘home away from home’ feeling despite what they might advertise. A real home away from home is a private villa. The owners of the resort will welcome you as their guests. They will be much more flexible over meal times and you will be welcome to join in every day activities. What’s more, the best private villas will not charge corkage fees if you decide to bring your own drinks.
  • Unique, individual approach – Staying in a private villa is like staying in paradise. The best resorts will be able to share their local knowledge and ensure that you get the most from your visit to their home towns. This will mean that you save time and money and often get access to attractions that are not generally available to tourists.

When searching for holiday accommodation look for the words “private villa.” It may not be as expensive as you think when you’re visiting Thailand. Staying in a beautiful private villa is definitely worth it, and luckily, Thailand has affordable and reasonable options.