Chiang Mai Resort Villa – The perfect answer for families and groups

Like most travelers, you are probably tired of the noise and limited space provided by hotels. This is certainly true in major cities like Chiang Mai. It’s hard to find peace and quiet. Often there are late-night revelers roaming the halls.  Maybe there will be noisy kids in the room next door. And don’t expect a nice morning swim in the pool. Hordes of people probably have the same idea and you might not even find a free lounge chair. The answer? Book a Chiang Mai Resort Villa.

Avoid the crowds and the noise on your next holiday in Chiang Mai by choosing to book a private resort style villa instead of a hotel room. By doing so you will have the facilities to yourselves. You will literally be the only guests there. This means you can enjoy all the amenities without sharing them with hundreds of other vacationers.

Personal service at a Chiang Mai resort villa

These properties will also provide personalized attention that no luxury hotel can match. You feel it the moment you arrive. They pay attention to every detail.  They arrange transportation, private tours and even a personal chef. Some resort villas even give their guests butlers to attend to every need, from preparing beverages to arranging your sightseeing itinerary. You’ll also witness the meticulous attention of housekeeping staff in making sure that your villa is spotless.

Are you traveling with a group of friends or your family? Then renting a villa is often cheaper than booking multiple rooms in a hotel. The best resort villas in Chiang Mai even offer all-inclusive deals, so you are always treated to fantastic food throughout your stay. Dishes are varied and never served twice, unless you really like something in particular, in which case you can request for it. Even the finest hotels in Chiang Mai or in Thailand can’t offer personalized attention at this level.