Villa Resorts in Chiang Mai

Why would you stay in a cramped hotel? Instead you can enjoy a private villa resort in Chiang Mai all to yourself.  Are you a family, a group of friends, or a couple on a romantic holiday? You will certainly enjoy the many perks of a private villa resort in the Mae Rim area of Chiang Mai.

All Inclusive Villa Resorts in Chiang Mai

Even the so-called ‘best’ hotels in Chiang Mai make you pay for every little thing – from pool towels to laundry to that chocolate chip cookie in the mini bar. This won’t happen in an all inclusive private villa resort. Some of Chiang Mai’s 5-star villas provide free airport transfers, high-speed Wi-Fi, free laundry services, and tropical fruit snacks. Go ahead and eat everything in the mini bar. There will be no extra charge.

Five star hotels in Chiang Mai are no doubt luxurious, but even if you book a suite, you will still end up sharing the pool and other amenities with strangers. Wake up late and you might miss the breakfast buffet. On a particularly busy day, you might not even get a pool lounger. This is never an issue in private villa resorts because you are the only guest (you and your family, spouse, or group). You can enjoy all the resort’s amenities all to yourself. They also guarantee personalized service.

Are you worried about prices? Check online and you just might be pleasantly surprised. Resorts in Chiang Mai are not as expensive as their counterparts in the UK or the US. You might find that you can easily afford to book at least two nights in a private villa here.

And if you want to be away from the noise of the touristy parts of Chiang Mai, you can choose accommodation in the Mae Rim valley. This will put you closer to nature but a quick drive from the city as well as Chiang Mai’s key attractions.