Chiang Mai Honeymoon Resort, Thailand

Enjoy a luxurious romantic Chiang Mai honeymoon at Howie’s Homestay.
An all inclusive Chiang Mai honeymoon package.

Chiang Mai Honeymoon Package

At Howie’s HomeStay your Chiang Mai honeymoon will let you experience the cultures and lush landscapes of Thailand. Immerse yourself in the spiritual side of South East Asia. Perfect after the stress and hard work of doing the wedding!

This is the place as we do all the planning for any excursions while you are here. So it’s total relaxation. No decisions, only what time you would like your next meal. You are our only guests as we are totally private. This allows you to really enjoy each other – time alone!  This is by far one of the romantic places for the most incredible honeymoon.

Our all inclusive honeymoon package means everything is taken care of. Unlock the secrets of traditional Thai-style cooking. Jerri will show you the basic secrets of delicious Thai cuisine in our kitchen. Lounge by the pool in perfect blissful privacy. You are our only guest at your own private luxury resort!

We can organize an amazing Buddhist blessing ceremony as documented on the photos here.  A memory that will stay with you forever as will your entire stay at Howie’s HomeStay!

Chiang Mai Honeymoon
Chiang Mai honeymoon package - Howie's HomeStay

“I had the fortunate opportunity to stay in one of THE MOST breathtaking private estates that I’ve ever laid eyes on! Howie’s HomeStay is a majestic boutique hotel that guarantees a secluded stay in an unbelievable setting, adorned with lush tropical gardens, views of the Himalayan foothills, a huge infinity-edge swimming pool and tranquil water features. It was a photographer’s playground to say the very least — and one of the most relaxing hotels I’ve ever been to.”

Laura Grier for The Honeymoonist

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Stunning Property & Wonderful Hosts

We stayed at Howie’s Homestay as part of our Chiang Mai honeymoon as we were looking for an experience that was different than a typical hotel. We definitely found it!

Howie was the ultimate host, and was instrumental to our trip as a whole. He provided lots of invaluable advice based on his knowledge from living in Thailand (Howie knows all!), which allowed us to tailor our trip the way we envisioned it.

Howie really went above and beyond in making sure we enjoyed our time in Thailand. He also had many suggestions for Chiang Mai, and was able to make recommendations for everything that we wanted to do. We really enjoyed our meals with Howie, and learning more about him and his house… continued

Continued …

Jerri’s cooking was also amazing. It was the best food we had in Thailand, and we were blown away by her talent at each meal. She has a true gift, and we wish we could eat her food everyday. Or, at least get her recipe for mango sticky rice! Please, Jerri!

The property is absolutely stunning. Howie’s attention to detail is impeccable, and from the interior design to the architecture there is always something new to view.

Go, relax, and don’t make too many plans, because once you’re at Howie’s it’s tough to leave!

Everything you read about Howie’s HomeStay is true and then some

I’m really not sure where to start….only because I don’t know where to begin with our amazing Chiang Mai honeymoon and secondly, what can I possible say about Howie’s that hasn’t already been said?

Everything you read about Howie’s HomeStay is true and then some. The beauty, the peace and quiet, and the attention to detail make it all so breathtaking. Howie is this extremely down to earth guy who really knows his clients and truly pays attention to them. He gets to know you and very few people in this world operate in the manner he does.

He believes that a handshake is enough and I was shocked at the process in making reservations. That immediately made an impression on me as to what kind of person he is. Trustworthy, honest and very respectable. Howie made our Thailand trip an experience we will never forget! … continued


Then, let’s talk about Jerri! Words cannot describe the feeling you get when you see, smell, and taste her delicious food. Delicious is truly an understatement! The meals were prepared with such care and passion. All of my senses were tingling at the culinary experience she provided.

We had a million things that we wanted to do. Howie immediately took charge and took care of everything. And when I say everything, I mean it! This is an all inclusive honeymoon package. We had absolutely NO WORRIES our entire stay.

He assigned us to Addy, our guide for our stay who was knowledgeable, attentive and extremely hospitable. Addy took us to local “street food” vendors and booked massage appointments for us. He literally took care of us!

My husband and I never had the opportunity to enjoy a honeymoon and when I emailed Howie, he told me that it was time to have one. I had no idea what we signed up for but it was worth every moment! A million thanks Howie and Jerri!

Perfect paradise

When my husband and I were planning our Chiang Mai honeymoon we were debating between staying at the Four Seasons hotel and Howie’s HomeStay and are beyond thankful we chose Howie’s.

The name is misleading but don’t be fooled. This beautiful oasis was the beginning of a trip to remember. First of all the architecture is magical. A beautiful courtyard with different pavilions all surrounded by water and a sandstone Olympic sized swimming pool all built with hints of patina and saffron tones, with the rice fields and mountains pushed up against the landscape…. This is just the beginning.

We were greeted by the most gracious hosts, Howie and Jerri who took care of our every need in Chiang Mai and also turned out to be the best concierge.

All meals were included in the honeymoon package. Jerri’s cooking is DIVINE and words will not do it justice. Arguably the best Thai food we have ever had and so customized to our taste and allergies. We feel so lucky to have found this oasis which is unlike any vacation experience we have ever had before.


Absolutely amazing!!! That’s my reaction whenever anyone asks about our stay at Howie’s HomeStay. I am honestly not sure that it is possible to describe how majestic Howie’s HomeStay is in words, but I will give it a try.

My wife and I spent 2 incredible nights at Howie’s during our Chiang Mai Honeymoon in November and it was the definition of luxury.

The grounds are exquisite, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas you could spend an entire day discovering the abundance of unique aspects of this residence, and perhaps fill up an entire memory card of photos trying to capture it’s beauty…. continued


Everything about this honeymoon package is on another level of luxury, from the impeccable service, to the lush grounds, to the perfectly decorated living areas, to the majestic pool, to the delicious meals prepared by Howie’s wife, Jerri. Jerri prepared us a 7 course lunch that totally blew us away!!!

Later that evening Howie & Jerri helped us launch wish lanterns into the skies above to celebrate our recently formed union and best wishes for the future. It was a truly special moment for us as our guests participated in the same activity during our wedding reception in Jamaica.

My wife & I both use Howie’s as the measuring stick for all accommodations now, which might be slightly unfair because it is impossible to match the luxurious experience of a visit to Howie’s HomeStay. I truly hope that we will return someday.

Absolute Paradise

My husband and I spent two amazing days at Howie’s during our Chiang Mai honeymoon. Howie and Jerri were perfect hosts and went out of their way to make sure our experience was perfection.

The grounds are stunning, the service is incredible, and the company warm and friendly.

Jerri’s cooking was the best food we had while in Asia. The lunch (8 courses!) overlooking the foothills of the Himalayan mountains is something we will never forget.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that will stay with you for your lifetime!

Perfect Chiang Mai Honeymoon

We stayed at Howie’s Homestay for three nights during our Chiang Mai honeymoon. It was truly a highlight of our trip to Thailand.

Howie and his wife Jerri have built an amazing home. It has beautiful buildings set in the middle of a carefully curated garden that spans the entire property.

Our “room” was designed to be both beautiful and functional. It had a hidden television at the foot of the bed.  A glass-enclosed bathroom overlooking a lovely garden with an outdoor shower and bath. The fridge tucked into an antique-looking cabinet filled with water, soda and other drinks, as well as an array of snacks…. continued…


I could go on for pages, but in short everything about the property was wonderful. We loved walking around the garden, swimming in the giant pool and lounging in the gazebo or on the lounge chairs.

Aside from the property, the food at Howie’s was among the best we experienced in Thailand. Jerri’s cooking was absolutely amazing. It far surpassed most of the Thai food we ate on our trip (we still talk about her Khao Soi noodles!).

Overall, I can’t recommend this place enough. We had a magical stay and felt the price was more than justified. As a note on that, the price is for an all inclusive honeymoon package. Room, food, snacks, drinks, laundry (which they happily did) and airport transfers were included. This made it cheaper than some of the other places we stayed in Thailand, which appeared less expensive on paper but were then more expensive once those extras were added in. We can’t wait to go back on our next trip to Chiang Mai!

Buddhist blessing at Howie's HomeStay
Best Chiang Mai Honeymoon - Howie's Homestay
Releasing wish lanterns - Howie's Homestay
Villa Resort for Honeymoon - Howie's Homestay
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