What to Do in Chiang Mai With Your Family

Are you visiting Chiang Mai with your family? How exciting! This will be the trip of a lifetime. There are so many wonderful things to do in this lush and vibrant major city of Thailand. If you need help figuring out what to do in Chiang Mai, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we give suggestions for some of the best things to do in this richly cultural city.

These activities are also fun and interesting for the whole family, old and young alike.

Read on to discover all the wonderful things that simply must be added to your Chiang Mai itinerary.

Visit the Local Food Markets

One of the top things to do in all of Thailand is visit the local food markets. They are full of culture and give you a sense of how the locals live and work.

The food markets are where edible goods like produce, meat, and other fresh products are bought and sold. You can find everything you’d ever need in these markets–plus a lot of surprises!

Visiting with the kids can be a really interesting experience because they’ll witness all kinds of sights, sounds, and flavors they’ve never heard of before. You can try strange delicacies or purchase small souvenirs.

Whether you want a fresh mango cut up for pennies on the dollar, or want to buy some spices so you can try cooking Thai food yourself at home, a local food market is a place to do it.

Give the kids a challenge like finding one item to eat, one item to take home to a friend, and one item to make their sibling try.

Get a little competitive and see who can find the most exotic item on the market. Add in a reward for the winner like dessert, a Thai massage, or extra time at the pool!

Tour a Temple

When in Thailand, you’ll see temples all around. There are over 300 in the Chiang Mai region alone.

From gigantic and visually striking masterpieces to small and modest, there’s every kind of temple you can imagine. All of them are beautiful works of art.

To gain a sense of reverence and respect for Thai culture, bring your kids to visit a Buddhist temple.

Even if you do not practice the Buddhist religion yourself, it never hurts to open your mind and learn about other religions and ways of life. This is a very valuable lesson for your children.

Make sure to read up on Thai etiquette so that you do not show any disrespect when visiting. Always take off your shoes and remain quiet when you visit a temple. Bring a little offering like money or a small piece of food to leave, too.

There will likely be incense or candles available to light inside. Just respect other visitors and do not take anything from the temple. Thai people tend to be very friendly, and if you just ask, they will probably be happy to show you the ropes.

Take a Thai Boxing Lesson

There are tons of things to do with kids in Chiang Mai, but this is another option that’s more on the active side and will get your kids moving and laughing.

Thai boxing is the most popular sport in Thailand. It can get pretty intense, but a simple beginner lesson will be mellow enough to share with your kids.

They can learn some different moves and basic skills. This will make them feel accomplished and proud of what they can do. If you’re wondering what to do in Chiang Mai that’s something you can only try in Thailand. Maybe this should top the list.

Just make sure they don’t start to use the moves they learn on each other!

Get a Fish Pedicure

This is another very unique experience for those visiting from other countries!

Fish pedicures are exactly what they sound like. You’ve probably seen this on a travel TV show, or somewhere on the Internet searching what to do in Chiang Mai.

When getting a fish pedicure, you’ll sit down in a large cushioned chair and then place your feet in a large tank containing tons of small fish that resemble minnows.

These tiny fish will begin to nibble on your feet and toes, removing the dead skin and giving you the cleanse of a lifetime!

Your kids will probably get a kick out of this. It doesn’t hurt at all, but the tickling as the fish work their way around your feet is definitely a strange sensation to get used to!

Thai Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are one of the most perfect activities to sign up for when traveling.

Not only will you get a delicious meal, you’ll also learn how to recreate it at home, too! When trying to figure out what to do in Chiang Mai, you should consider adding a hands-on class like this to your itinerary.

Many times, kids are more willing to try ethnic and unusual foods when they make it themselves. In a Thai cooking class, you’ll be taught how to combine all the fragrant spices and ingredients to create a wonderful, colorful meal.

For kids that enjoy working with their hands and trying something for themselves, a cooking class can be a great way to learn and enjoy a new culture.

Need Personal Suggestions for What to Do in Chiang Mai?

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