Chiang Mai 5 Star Hotels – Choose Wisely, Get the Best Value for Your Money

Nowadays it is easier than ever to find hotels that fit every budget. Online booking sites and travel agencies make the task a lot less tiresome than it used to be. The biggest challenge for value seekers nowadays is sifting through an enormous amount of information. You will find 5-star hotel promotions and super tour packages. You will also find some programs that are downright confusing even to the most experienced traveler. Consequently you should avoid falling for the tantalizing photos and enticing promotional copy.  Hotels offer all sorts of things to get you on their doorsteps. Here are some smart tips to remember when booking Chiang Mai 5 star hotels.

Tips for booking the best Chiang Mai 5 Star Hotels

  • First things first: Ask what’s important to you. It is a lot easier to narrow down your choices if you know what you are looking for from the get go. Ask important questions like; How tight is my budget? Will location trump price? Do the family want a pool? Will the children enjoy the seclusion? Or Would we rather stay close to the city’s action? Determining your top priorities for the trip will help you make a more informed decision and keep your search for Chiang Mai 5 star hotels more targeted.
  • Price is an easy decision point. In fact, many booking engines use price range to conveniently sort your results out. However, there are some things you should remember before you limit yourself to this criterion. There are many hotels and villas out there that offer packages and included extras and so they are offering much more than what your initial budget-driven search can provide. It’s better to factor in other important decision points like location and must-have amenities when doing your search.
  • Thanks to technology, finding a 5-star hotel close to Chiang Mai’s finest tourist spots is as easy as tapping some keys on a computer. Location-based searches are a lot faster and easier as many booking engines have the best hotels conveniently plotted on maps. Apart from location, other things should go into your decision-making like facilities, safety, and family-friendliness, especially when taking the entire clan for a Thai adventure.

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