Family 5 Star Resort Vacations in Chiang Mai

Staying in a private villa is a great way to enjoy a 5-star resort vacation in Chiang Mai. Contrary to what you many people believe, renting a luxurious holiday villa can also be affordable.  Especially in Chiang Mai and especially if you can get an all inclusive rate. This can therefore be a great option for families or groups. Do the math, and you will quickly see that you’ll end up paying less to stay in a 5-star private resort villa than in multiple rooms in a 5-star hotel. The bigger your group, the less you pay per head. And yes—all meals are also included.

  • For three rooms for 6 people, expect to pay around 85,000 THB per night, all inclusive with all meals. That’s about 2,400+ USD per night.
  • For four rooms for 8 people, the rate should be about 110,000 THB or 3,100+ USD per night.
  • For smaller families of just 4 people, you can rent two rooms for just 60,000 THB or 1,700+ USD per night. Need a roll away bed? Simply add 5,000 THB per night per person.

5 star resort – all inclusive

Remember to book a Chiang Mai resort style villa that provides all inclusive rates. Now you no longer have to budget for eating out. You and your family enjoya  sumptuous breakfast as well as lunch. In the evening a 6 to 8 course dinner is cooked by the villa’s personal chef. Imagine feasting on authentic Thai dishes all day, everyday! And because you have the entire resort villa to yourself, there’s no morning rush to the breakfast buffet. Take your time and savor every meal. Hey, you’re on vacation after all.

Chiang Mai has always been a popular destination for families looking to experience the perfect mix of culture, adventure, and luxury in Northern Thailand. You can look forward to coming home to a private villa in a 5 star resort that’s all yours after a day of elephant riding, temple hopping, and shopping.