Book Your Exotic Holidays – Rent a Private Villa in Thailand

Are you looking for a more laid-back, more spiritual side of Thailand away from the noise of Bangkok? Do you want a change from the touristy beaches in the south? Then consider heading north. Here you will find Chiang Mai — one of the most important cultural centers of the country. From majestic temples to breathtaking landscapes, there is plenty to see here. Mae Rim Valley—just minutes from Chiang Mai city center—is the best place to rent a private villa in Thailand.

The grandest private villas in this part of Chiang Mai have won many architectural awards. They enjoy quiet and secluded locations, facing majestic views of the rice paddies and the mountain. Rent a private villa in Thailand. Have access to all the amenities you can expect from a 5-star hotel but without the crowds. The entire place is yours—no strangers in the pool or the common areas. The staff can cater to your schedule.  You never have to set an alarm to wake up in time for the breakfast buffet. Whether you want to go on a trip around Northern Thailand or require assistance in shopping for antiques, they can arrange everything for you.

Suitable for families, couples on their honeymoon, as well as groups of friends. Many are gay friendly as well. A luxurious private villa in Thailand can be surprisingly affordable (considering everything that you are getting). It is the perfect jumping off point for travelers who seek a combination of relaxation, peacefulness, and adventure. After a day of hiking or riding elephants, you can return to your very own private oasis on the foot of the Himalayas. A sumptuous dinner awaits, after which you can enjoy a dip in the pool or simply retire to your bed and doze off to the wonderful views of meticulously maintained gardens.