Gay Friendly Accommodation at a Gay Hotel in Chiang Mai

Finding a gay friendly accommodation in Chiang Mai

They may advertise Thailand as a ‘pink’ destination that welcomes the LGBT community with open arms, but this is not always the case in smaller towns and provinces. The country may have earned the nickname, ‘Gay Capital of Asia’ but not all types of accommodation in Thailand, even in key cities like Chiang Mai, are friendly to gay guests. You need to be sure that gays are treated fairly and with respect. So before you book your accommodation be sure to double-check if it is, indeed, gay friendly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always read the reviews – Even if a hotel claims that it welcomes the LGBT community, the reviews written by gay customers can indicate otherwise.
  • Choose an ‘open-minded’ boutique hotel – Staying in a traditional Chiang Mai guesthouse is always tricky. What if the owners are strictly Buddhist and frown upon the LGBT community? It might be safer to choose accommodation options owned by open-minded Westerners. You should search for a nice homestay, resort, or boutique hotel. Check that they support LGBT travelers and that they treat all guests equally no matter what their sexual orientation might be.
  • Less people, less drama. Worried about what people think? Book an ultra-private villa. You and your friends or significant other will be the only guests.
  • Contact the owners. Before you make a reservation or booking, correspond with the owners or management through phone, chat, or email. Make it known that you are gay and traveling with your spouse or partner, or that you are a group of gay friends traveling together. You can easily read a person’s tone if they are against something.

It’s bad enough to be judged for being yourself in real life. During your vacation, you deserve to be who you are and do what you want without any judgement. Enjoy your peaceful stay in Chiang Mai by choosing fantastic gay friendly accommodation.