What You Need to Look for in 5 Star Luxury Resorts

We typically think of 5-star luxury resorts when thinking of the highest-quality and the most luxurious accommodation, facilities, and services. However, most of them share similar features—such as several individual rooms along with a few separate villas. They also feature common areas where guests can dine or share their time using facilities like the pool and sauna. Only a few 5-star luxury resorts in Chiang Mai are able to stand out and live up to their title. So here are some of the things that you should look for when verifying their worthiness to be labeled, ‘5 star’ and ‘luxury’:

5 star resorts in Chiang Mai


The best luxury resorts are tucked away in a tranquil, gated, secure, and private area. Get away from the bustling city center. Find places that are also near to attractions in the surrounding vicinity. Additionally it is useful to be within a short drive from the city, stations or airports.

Complete privacy

There should be no other guest, group, or family in the resort during your stay. This way, you can truly say that the place is all yours, and you do not have to worry about sharing common areas with other guests. These are some of the benefits of staying in a luxury resort in Chiang Mai.

Designer spaces

They must build the resort to represent the highest standards in luxury and comfort. The best designers include stylish interiors and outdoor areas. Some of the best 5-star luxury resorts have open-air pavilions, architecturally splendid villas, and romantic gardens. everything is designed to make you feel like you are in a relaxing paradise. Rooms and villas are spacious and have everything you will need for a great stay, too.

Food tailored to your taste

In most luxury resorts the chef or the restaurant’s management decide what food to serve. You typically have to eat almost the same types of food every day. However, there are some who take time to find out your dietary requirements and the kinds of food that you really want to eat. They also make sure you can get a taste of the local cuisine. They use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, too.

Chiang Mai resorts 5 star - Check for good feedback, awards, and recognition

It can be difficult to verify the services and the quality of the 5-star luxury resort. Look up testimonials or reviews about it. The best thing is therefore, to explore online reviews written by actual guests. Look for repeat stays, too. Consider resorts with awards and recognition as being among the best hotels in the world.  Pay particular attention to the area you are planning to visit. Likewise, consider accommodation that features in publications, like Architectural Digest.

So if you do your research you will also be able to determine which resorts are worth the money to stay at them. Happy hunting.