Staying at 5 Star Hotels in Chiang Mai

Stay in villa-style Chiang Mai 5 star hotels and enjoy complete luxury at great prices. There are all kinds of travelers, from honeymooners to families and small private groups. Many have experienced the many perks of staying in luxury Chiang Mai hotels and have never looked back. They benefit particularly by seeking out hotels in Chiang Mai Thailand that provide all the premium services.  Some 5 star Chiang Mai hotels provide added benefits of exclusivity and privacy. These are presented as private luxury villas. They offer all the services that you expect at a first class luxury hotel but with the added benefits of private and exclusive accommodation.

Better value at 5 Star Hotels

Some hotels charge you for every little thing. However there are 5 Star Hotels in Chiang Mai offering free airport transfers, laundry services and free high-speed Wi-Fi. Some all-inclusive rates even include unlimited local tropical fruits available for your enjoyment 24/7. Fancy something from the mini bar? Go ahead and indulge – everything is included.

Prices in Thailand are not as high as prices in the West.  So you will be pleasantly surprised that you can afford these alternative Chiang Mai 5 star hotels. Don’t be afraid to go online and check the rates. They’re not as intimidating as you might think. Furthermore, remember when you look that some places offer all-inclusive prices with no hidden extras.

5 Star Hotels – Complete privacy

Even if you stay in a top class hotel, you will still have to share all the amenities with hundreds of other guests. You might have to fight for a pool chair or for a spot in the breakfast room. There are ways to avoid these inconveniences. Choose 5 star hotels in Chiang Mai Thailand that offer exclusive occupancy in private villas. In some of Chiang Mai’s best accommodation, you are the ONLY guests. You and your family or group will be the only people in the resort at any time. You can therefore enjoy complete privacy with the added advantage of totally personalized services.

Far from the noise, but near most attractions

Most of Chiang Mai’s 5 star hotels are right smack in the middle of touristy, downtown streets. As a result you are never quite get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Choose a luxury private villa-styled hotel if your idea of a perfect vacation is complete relaxation. The best 5 star hotels are still less than 30 minutes from the city center. You can enjoy solitude while still being near the action. Look for villa-styled luxury hotel accommodation in the Mae Sa valley. The same location as the famed Four Seasons resort in Chiang Mai. Take advantage of this exclusive and unique style of accommodation and enjoy full service and complete privacy. Enjoy the huge private infinity pool and breathtaking mountain views.

Find out more about staying in this exciting, alternative type of hotel. Visit Howie’s HomeStay, a world leader in offering this new concept in luxury holiday accommodation. Check the rates and understand that they are all inclusive.  You will soon see that they offer terrific value and a complete luxury service.  They offer additional privacy that is just not available at other leading hotels in Chiang Mai.