Unique Features of Boutique Hotels in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of most sought after travel destinations in Thailand. It has seen an enormous growth in tourism over the last decade. With this boom, boutique hotels and luxury resorts have therefore started to spring up in different corners of the city. Some of the best places to stay are just north of the city, overlooking the foothills of the Himalayan Range. Hotels like Howie’s Homestay are also situated in secluded yet easy to reach locations. This is your opportunity to experience something a little bit different. Avoid the hectic city life and relax. Leave feeling refreshed and revitalized. After all isn’t that a large part of what holidays are all about?

Features to look for in a boutique hotel in Chiang Mai

Luxury and exclusivity at boutique hotels

Not many luxury resorts in the world can truly call themselves a 5 star hotel, a luxury villa, and also a boutique hotel. Discover vacation properties that marry all the best features of these different types of accommodations. You will enjoy fabulous service and consequently a more relaxing time. Private boutique hotels are also exclusive. Above all with fewer guests you are free to enjoy all the luxury resort amenities on offer. Are you planning a family getaway or a romantic vacation? Are you perhaps a traveling group of friends or looking for a honeymoon destination? Maybe a boutique resort is the perfect choice for you in Chiang Mai.

Enjoy those personal touches

Another advantage of staying in a boutique hotel is the degree of personal services they offer. Experience better housekeeping, home cooking and first-hand tour advice for example. Typical hotels are often too big to be flexible enough. Consequently they can’t provide the home from home feel offered by boutique resorts. The best boutique hotels offer the most authentic homemade dishes that are hard to find in commercial accommodations. At Howie’s HomeStay you will experience home cooked, authentic Thai cuisine prepared just for you. Boutique resorts are able to offer a more extensive and impeccable hospitality service.

Benefit from local knowledge

Travelers spend huge money for packaged tours that only scratch the surface of their destination. They often only focus on the general tourist spots. One of the most exciting things about staying in a boutique hotel like Howie’s HomeStay is that your hosts will let you in on the best kept secrets that only the locals know. Experience the local activities and attractions and leave with lasting memories of the places you visit.

Experiential Travel

At Howie’s HomeStay we are dedicated to offering the very best in unique experiential travel unlike anything else that you will find in Chiang Mai. Just see what our guests have to say.