Where are the Best Places to Stay in Chiang Mai?

Looking for the best places to stay in Chiang Mai? Look no further. If a luxurious and unique experience is what you’re into, then you’ve found it.

Howie’s Homestay is one of the most memorable hotels in the world, and there are so many reasons you should book a room here on your visit to Chiang Mai.

Read on for the many reasons you should stay at Howie’s Homestay when you visit Chiang Mai.

Reasons to Stay at Howie’s Homestay

There’s a reason that Howie’s Homestay has earned a name for itself among the top hotels in Chiang Mai.

Actually, there are quite a few reasons. Here are just a few beautiful things about Howie’s Homestay for you to consider when planning your trip.

Setting and Location

Howie’s Homestay is a luxury resort situated just a few miles from Chiang Mai.

It sits upon five secluded acres with gardens, views of the Himalayan foothills, rice paddies, ancient temples, and more. The lush landscape will make you instantly feel as if you have been transported to Eden.

The vibrant flora and fauna make Howie’s Homestay feel tucked away and luxurious. The plants also greatly enrich the air and help you to breathe more deeply and feel more relaxed.


The resort is designed to leave a minimal footprint on the environment. All materials are natural and sourced from local suppliers when possible.

Plus, in order to make the best use of earth’s forests, Howie’s Homestay makes it a priority to use recycled timber and sustainable lumber.

In addition, natural fertilizers are composted on-site. These are used to nurture the grounds and give back to the earth in a natural and sustainable way.

When it comes to the staff and the food provided at the resort, Howie’s Homestay makes sure to use local labor and source produce and other goods from local markets. Supporting and helping sustain the local community is a top priority for the resort.


At Howie’s Homestay, you are the only guests on the property.

This means there are only two rooms available. Both of them are elegantly appointed private villas outfitted in a traditional Thai style.

The first option is the Teak Pavilion. It has a king-sized bed with a large sitting area and a work area with high-speed Internet, a TV, and a fully stocked mini bar.

The Teak Pavilion features 750 square feet of interior space plus 1,200 square feet of covered terrace. The glass doors reveal a breathtaking view of the mountain range, flowing streams, and verdant gardens.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws is the private outdoor rain shower. You will be placed in the midst of nature as you bath in the whirlpool or shower with your own gazebo, yet you will still maintain your privacy.

The second option is the Family Suite. This is perfect for families with children or friends because it has three air-conditioned bedrooms covering over 2,100 square feet.

The Master Suite has a large king-sized bed an en-suite bath. The second bedroom also has a king-sized bed, and the third bedroom has twin beds. These two bedrooms share a bathroom. A small bridge over a Japanese Koi pond connects the Family Suite to the dining area.

Food – Things to Consider when Looking for Places to stay in Chiang Mai

Jerri, co-owner of Howie’s Homestay with her husband Howard, is the one who prepares all the delicious food you will eat at the resort. As a result the meals you’ll eat here rival any 5 star Chiang Mai hotel.

As she is Thai herself, Jerri has decades of experience in selecting the best ingredients and then preparing the most delectable Thai cuisine dishes. At Howie’s Homestay, you will experience the best food Thailand has to offer.

Jerri will tailor each and every dish to the preference of you, the guest. You will only eat the same dish twice if you fall head over heels for something she prepares and ask to eat it again.

The owners take great pride and joy in serving the guests of Howie’s Homestay with incredible Thai flavors that are lovingly made, all the way from selecting the fresh produce in local markets to the final presentation of the dish.

Places to stay in Chiang Mai – Check the Amenities and Extras

One of the many amazing things about Howie’s Homestay is the level of privacy in addition to the grandeur that you will experience.

You will enjoy an expansive private infinity pool all to yourself. You will also have private villas and pavilions to float between as you lounge in opulence.

Fresh, healthy home-cooked meals will be lovingly prepared by one of the owners of the villa. You will have the utmost privacy and a world-class experience fit for kings and queens.

Being the only guests in residence, the only other souls you will see during your stay are the owners of the resort themselves. These owners are happy to share their local recommendations and best advice for exploring Thailand, based on their 20+ years living in Chiang Mai.

A 5-star luxury resort all to yourself with full service and meals included, all with a relaxing breeze flowing through private pavilions just outside of Chiang Mai? There is therefore no better place to stay in all of Thailand!

Make A Reservation at one of the Best Places to Stay in Chiang Mai

If you are looking for the best place to stay in Chiang Mai, look no further. You have found it!

Book a room at Howie’s Homestay if you are seeking a Chiang Mai experience to remember. We offer a completely unique stay, as you are our only guests. Privacy is of the utmost importance.

Read a bit more about our story to understand all the thoughtful details that have gone into making Howie’s Homestay the premier luxury vacation experience in Chiang Mai.

Our luxury hotel will make this the trip of your dreams, and with the gorgeous scenery and spectacular grounds, it is easy to see why many consider this to be the best place to stay in Chiang Mai. Our many 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor surely speak for themselves!