Top 3 Reasons to Go for an Elephant Ride During a Vacation in Chiang Mai

Like many tourists visiting Northern Thailand, you are probably wondering if it’s okay to ride elephants. After all, this popular tourist activity has been linked to animal rights and abuse issues. Fortunately, there is a growing number of ethical elephant centers in Chiang Mai. They are employing sustainable methods to keep both tourists and these gentle giants happy. Howie’s HomeStay luxury resort in Chiang Mai can help you arrange rewarding elephant interactions that don’t harm these animals. If you’re looking for reasons to go for an elephant ride during your Chiang Mai holiday, here are three:

  1. There are some ethical elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai.

The key to ensuring that your holiday doesn’t hurt animals is to support elephant camps that put the welfare of their elephants first. Some of the best sanctuaries are joint initiatives between local tribe members and nonprofits that are committed to protecting the welfare of elephants in the country. These camps ensure safe riding techniques that don’t cause harm to the health of the elephant. Some of them discourage trekking and instead offer opportunities for you to interact with their elephants by becoming involved with bathing and feeding them. The best sanctuaries are those that take in formerly mistreated elephants and give them the freedom to enjoy their lives.

  1. An elephant ride provides a livelihood to many locals.

Elephant tourism is a huge part of Chiang Mai’s economy. As long as you put your money towards ethical practices, you never have to worry about supporting trades that are abusive to animals.

  1. You can help provide elephants a better way of life.

The best camps provide elephants the freedom, good health, and happiness they deserve. Your monetary support keep these sanctuaries running so that they can continue to provide the care these gentle giants need. If you want to ride elephants, we can put you in touch with an elephant sanctuary that uses an ethical and progressive approach to eco-tourism.

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