Rent a Villa in Chiang Mai for a Great Holiday Trip

Make your next holiday extra special. Rent a villa in Chiang Mai instead of staying in a crowded hotel. Did you know that you can book a private resort in the Mae Rim Valley all to yourself? You and your companions will be the only guests during the duration of your stay. Enjoy unmatched privacy and personalized service.

Be sure to book an all-inclusive resort in Chiang Mai. Then you can truly enjoy your holiday without having to worry about added costs. They include everything in the rate. All 3 meals of the day, plus unlimited fresh fruit. Some of the best upscale villas in Chiang Mai offer extraordinary culinary offerings, so you can expect a sumptuous breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Rent a Villa in Chiang Mai – Great for groups

Renting a villa in Chiang Mai is great for groups. If it has all inclusive rates as well that is a huge bonus. Whereas hotels charge you for everything—from a can of beer in the mini bar to extra towels—a private villa provides all your needs at no extra charge. Check that you also get free airport transfers, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and even free laundry services.

What’s more, you never have to share the pool and other amenities with strangers when you rent a private villa in Chiang Mai. The entire place is yours, so go ahead and enjoy a midnight dip in the pool, or wake up (really) late for breakfast. Walk around in your boxers if you wish. The staff can work around your schedule and preferences, anticipating all your needs while staying discreet and never obtrusive.

Howie’s Homestay

Ready to book? Here’s a tip: The best villas in Chiang Mai are in the Mae Sa Valley area. This quiet part of town is a quick drive from the city center. It is also located in the area known as the playground of Chiang Mai. It is surrounded by key attractions yet completely private.  Contact Howie’s HomeStay now to get all the details of our upscale and exclusive property.