Villa with Private Pool for Holidays – Highlights

The Personal Touch

Most villas you can stay at are just staffed by employees but here the owners Howie and his wife Jerri are on site every day. They are here to make sure you’re every wish and all your wants and desires come true. Howie handles all the details of what to see and where to go in Chiang Mai based on his own experiences of having been around for 24 years now. We avoid the guide book “must see and must do” to show you the inner Thailand that most guides or hotels won’t suggest.

Instead of a hired chef, Jerri prepares all the meals herself so that you get to experience real homemade Thai food at its best! Just read some of our reviews on our food page to get an idea of the feasts that await you here.

It is quite simply an unbelievably wonderful experience!

We will offer our local knowledge to guide you to the best things to see and do both at the resort and in the city and its surroundings. We can maximize the use of your time here in this wonderful part of the world.

Just lay back and relax. Many of our guests just want to hang about and enjoy walks through the lush tropical gardens or lounge around the pool and let the mountain views and sounds of nature take over their senses.

A Luxury Villa

This is your real opportunity to live like the 1% of the world lives!

Having your own personal private villa in Thailand is a dream come true!

This villa is like no other as we cross many lines. We are a luxury hotel, an all inclusive luxury resort and a private boutique hotel…created for the total enjoyment of your personal private holiday in Chiang Mai.

What are we exactly….I ask that question often as we are so unique that it is hard to put us in a category. We are a luxury resort, a boutique hotel and a private pool villa for rent in Chiang Mai.  It is the most amazing holiday home in Chiang Mai and most of all we are private, accepting only one guest or group at a time!

Howie’s HomeStay is the perfect place for your holiday in Chiang Mai. The city gets lots of tourists but here we are insulated from all of that.  Above all else we are a truly unique “experience” that is perfect for a honeymoon, family reunion or just to enjoy an incredible Chiang Mai villa with a private pool.

Infinity Pool

How often does the opportunity arise to have your own luxurious private pool villa in Chiang Mai?

If you are searching for Chiang Mai villas with a private pool here at Howie’s HomeStay, you will find that we are much more. We are a 5 star hotel, but 100% private.  Your luxury villa will come with full service and all-inclusive with all meals. However, it is much more than this.  It is actually a unique very private villa in Thailand where you will be our only guest! There are many places for you to choose from but nowhere do you have this level of opulence and service.

By the way the pool is huge at 72 feet x 36 feet, nearly Olympic size set in amazing surroundings with a great sound system to let you really enjoy this private pool villa in Chiang Mai.

We here at Howie’s HomeStay are all about the experience which immerses you in the local ways and customs in a truly 5 star luxury Chiang Mai accommodation.

But we are so much more. There is actually no comparison to any other property available here in Chiang Mai, a luxury villa with a twist!

Contact us today and come for a visit that will stay in your memory forever!

Private Villa Chiang Mai

Bill Bensley – A master of his craft

Bill Bensley is an American who has been living in Thailand for the past 25 years and is at the pinnacle of his career.

Named by Architectural Digest as one of the Top 100 Architects in the world for four consecutive years, he has changed the way resorts are being designed all over the world. Time magazine wrote; Bensley is the, “King of exotic resorts”.

Our request to Bill was to create a holiday home in Chiang Mai that he would be proud to call his own, as we were enthralled with his home in Bangkok. He and his partner, Jirachai Rengthong have sculpted a home and garden with heart and soul. Photographed for many architectural and life style magazines around the world, we wanted something similar yet different.

Thus the creation of Howie’s HomeStay. The perfect base for your holiday in Chiang Mai. Many people feel that Howie’s HomeStay is Bill Bensley’s best residential work to date.

The estate was featured in the April 2007 issue of Architectural Digest.

Architectural Digest Howie's Homestay

Bill Bensley - Howie's Homestay

Bill Bensley plan