Luxury Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand

Come and witness this Eco resort Chiang Mai for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.

Stunning landscapes

Known as Thailand’s ‘Rose of the North’, Chiang Mai maintains the allure it has held for travelers for centuries.

Amidst lush hillsides, fertile valleys, terraced rice paddies and ancient temples, Howie’s HomeStay is a hand crafted luxury eco resort. It is set on five private and secure acres just a short ride from Chiang Mai.

It is surrounded by magnificent gardens with sweeping views of the Himalayan foothills.

The perfect location

This serene refuge feels a lifetime away from Thailand’s vibrant urban landscapes. However, Howie’s luxury eco resort is located only a 30-minute drive from the center of traditional, yet cosmopolitan Chiang Mai. The flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai airport is only one hour.

At home in Mae Rim, you have your own private eco resort within one of the world’s most acclaimed destinations.

In 2016, Chiang Mai was voted #2 in the Top Cities in the World by Travel + Leisure magazine’s World’s Best Awards.

Eco Resort Chiang Mai

Howie’s HomeStay is a luxury eco resort in Chiang Mai and is designed to leave a minimum footprint on the local environment. Locally sourced natural materials are used wherever possible. Recycled timbers and sustainable lumber ensures minimum impact on the forests.

Natural fertilizers composted on site feed the luscious gardens and great care is taken to let the resort develop naturally.

Local labor is used and produce sourced from the local markets ensuring that Howie’s HomeStay supports the local Chiang Mai community.

Eco resort Chiang Mai

Howie’s HomeStay Eco resort Chiang Mai

I’m no tree hugger but I know I breathe better surrounded by nature, so I wanted my friends and guests to feel the same.

Much is made in the press about my architect and friend Bill Bensley. But it was his partner Jirachai who astounded me with his artistic abilities within this epic architectural environment. Nature is Jirachai’s canvas, the smallest green plants his paint.

We watched his first plantings mature to a perfectly natural and lush layered landscape that surprised us by greatly enhancing our surroundings. Jirachai placed each plant here, selected every tree one by one and oversaw the exact placement each giant boulder, no small feat given they arrived by more than 20 truckloads. Together, we went to the local plant markets hundreds of times and brought home countless plants and trees. Jirachai’s work is like performance art as nearly all of the plantings on this property are new within the last seven years, and it never seems to stop.

Howie’s HomeStay Eco resort Chiang Mai has lush tropical gardens that really do make the entire property cooler. This reduces our use of air conditioning significantly. It also creates a welcoming environment for all types of wildlife. You will see and hear frogs, majestic butterflies and honeybees to name just a few. They all do their job to sustain nature and make for a greener eco-friendly lifestyle, which happens to look beautiful too.

Thanks to Jirachai’s green wisdom, we do not use chemicals in our garden. Instead we have a large composting area. There is never any burning here. Again from Jirachai we have learned that being ‘Eco’ and ‘Bio’ are the least that mankind can do to repay and respect Mother Nature.

All this gardening has brought us more in tune with our environment, and we invite our guests who are curious to come dig their hands into the earth at Howie’s HomeStay Eco resort Chiang Mai, or at least to explore these incredible gardens and to breathe in their calming effect. Our greener life feels wonderful, so a BIG thank you to Jirachai and Bill for making our life better!

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Luxury Eco resort Chiang Mai

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