7 Reasons Americans Should Travel To Thailand

When you’re an American, you only get a limited amount of vacation time. You want to spend that time wisely, we get it. And there’s no better use of your vacation time than to travel to Thailand.

Thailand is a beautiful country with plenty of experiences that appeal to everyone. A Thailand vacation can have anything from ethical animal encounters to big city shopping. Plus, it’s cost-effective, meaning that it’s not only beautiful but also cheap.

If you’re longing to get away from the daily grind and squeeze as much enjoyment from your vacation as you can, then check out our seven reasons to travel to Thailand.

1) It’s Cheap to Travel to Thailand

If you’re looking for a place where your dollar can stretch, Thailand is a great option. Most hotels and guesthouses are available for less than $20 a night. There a plenty of higher-end options that will knock your socks off for a bit more money.

Food is also really cheap in Thailand. Many street vendors give you a full, delicious meal for less than $1. Again, if you want to splurge and eat like a king, your dollar is still going to go a long way.

2) The Food in Thailand is Amazing

You know how Thai food restaurants in America are really good? The real stuff is a thousand times better.

Not only is Thai food an explosion of flavor, they have fresh tropical fruits available every day. If you’re not sure you’re that adventurous, Thailand cities also boast a ton of international foods.

There’s something for everyone’s palate here, and it’s very inexpensive. Just make sure that you ask for the least spicy option if you’re not used to the heat. Thai people assume that all dishes should have at least one chili to start with.

3) Travel to Thailand for the Stunning Views

You know those beautiful beaches you see at the end of action movies? How about the ones you see on your desktop background? They exist in Thailand.

It’s not just one beach either. Thailand has a lot of beautiful islands, especially along the coast of Malaysia. You can visit Ko Chang, Surin Island, Phra Nang Beach, and a lot of other options.

Thailand also has beautiful temples and botanical gardens, like Suan Nong Nooch in Pattaya.

Thailand is also known for its beautiful pink lily lakes. They bloom on Red Lotus Lake between November and February. If you’re wanting to get away from the dull winter weather in America, this could be a great option for you.

4) The Luxury Hotels Will Help You Relax

Like we’ve already mentioned, hotels in Thailand are much cheaper than in America. You can always stay at a normal hotel if you’re looking for a cheap Thailand vacation.

But if you’re looking for a five-star experience, then Thailand is bursting with them. You can visit luxury hotels with fun themes and tailored shopping experiences.

Another option is to book a private luxury home. It’s like renting a home with your family on the beach during the summer but way nicer. Many private luxury homes in Thailand include all meals in their packages, plus they have access to the best attractions in the area.

5) Life in Thailand Means Seeing Some Incredible Wildlife

There are a lot of fascinating animal species in Thailand’s tropical atmosphere. You can feed gibbons monkeys fresh fruit on the beach. You could swim with dolphins and even the peaceful whale-shark (the vegetarian cousin of the Great White). If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot big cats like the Clouded Leopard. You can also see tigers, and even Asian black bears (oh my)!

Thailand is also famous for its exotic elephant rides, although there have been some questions about the ethical treatment of these majestic animals. But if you want to experience elephants in a place where they’re taken care of, visit the Elephant Hills in Khao Sok.

6) Enjoy Life in Thailand Cities

Thailand isn’t all exotic nature locals and wild animals. It also boats an impressive city life in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

There are plenty of nightlife options in these vibrant cities. Whether you’re looking for an amazing club, a cool bar, or a chill concert, Thailand has something for you.

If you’re not into the club scene but enjoy great food late hours into the night, Thailand is your dream country. There are always street vendors and food available, as well as good cheap Thai beer.

There are always going to be areas of the city that cater towards foreign tourists, and the prices will reflect that. But if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, visit the areas of the city that the locals enjoy. You’ll learn a lot about the people of Thailand and yourself.

7) They’re Serious About Relaxation

The people of Thailand are pretty laid back in comparison to the rat-racers of America. Maybe that’s why they have so many great spas and resorts for tourists.

You can get an authentic Thai massage of course. There are also many relaxation retreats and detox spas (for after your night out on the town).

You can also seek fitness programs and professional make-overs from certified experts in the area.

If you want to come home from a vacation totally renewed inside and out, Thailand is the perfect destination.

Ready to Travel to Thailand?

If all this sounds like your idea of a dream vacation, then you’re in luck. Flights to Thailand from the US might make you cringe, but the low cost of your destination will offset that.

There are so many wonderful and unique experiences in Thailand. Book a private hotel for you and your family today. Then start counting down the days until you get to visit the beautiful country of Thailand.