Top 10 Must-See Markets in Chiang Mai

Thailand is on the rise as one of the hottest places to travel to. Tourist numbers have reached over 32 million in 2016.

Most of these tourists will stick to the well-known main attractions and markets. Some of the best shopping, food, and culture are in the lesser known markets though.

Your best option is to stay in a smaller boutique hotel right outside Chiang Mai. Then a short 30-40 minute drive will have you wandering the many markets in no time.

Don’t limit yourself to the famous Chiang Mai night market. Check out these ten must-see markets in Chiang Mai.

  1. Sunday Market

From the Tha Pae Gate down Ratchadamnoen Road, explore the Chiang Mai Sunday market. You will find local vendors selling handcrafted authentic trinkets.

This less touristy market will probably serenade you with musical performances by talented artists. Make your way to the Wat Sum Pow temple to find food stalls offering everything from sushi to noodles.

  1. Saturday Market

This market is like the Sunday market but on Saturday. You might find it called the Wualai Walking Street Market.

You will find it located opposite the Chiang Mai Gate. Woodwork and silverware are the goods found in this market. You can find good deals on handcrafted silver work.

If you found the Sunday market crowded, you will appreciate that this one is not as populated. This does not mean that its offerings are less impressive though!

Take a break from the market and venture down a nearby side street. This is where you’ll find the food stalls.

  1. Warorot Market

Be sure to visit one of the oldest markets in Chiang Mai. Also known as Khad Luang, this market is the go-to spot for foodies.

A multi-story building houses this market. The top floors are for clothing and items. While the bottom floors are for food.

This market is popular with locals. It is the market renowned for a wide selection of authentic Thai snacks.

  1. Sompet Market

If you are on the hunt for produce the Sompet Market is where you need to go. It’s not far from the Chiang Mai Gate in the backpacker area.

The prepared food you’ll find here features traditional Northern Lanna dishes. If this isn’t to your taste, check out one of the many international restaurants nearby.

  1. JJ Market

A short 20-minute drive will get you to the JJ market north of the old city. Located on Assadathon Road, you will find it to be one of the more modern markets.

You will find everything from freshly prepared food to antiques. This is also the must-see market for those who enjoy interior design. Furniture, statues, and shrines are a common sight.

  1. Muang Mai Market

If you are looking for wholesale goods this is the market for you. Most goods cost a few dollars each and the variety is impressive.

There is a selection of fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. If you are looking for herbs and curry you can also find them here too.

  1. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The night bazaar of Chiang Mai is the most well-known market. You will also find it a major tourist nighttime attraction. Most tourists buy trinkets and souvenirs here.

Prepare to bargain as the local stall vendors know you are a tourist and will adjust the price up. The bustling market is something you must experience at least once.

  1. Chang Puak Gate Market

This is another night market in Chiang Mai that comes alive each evening. Those looking to experience street food need to visit this market. You will find authentic dishes at very cheap prices.

If you can’t make it to the evening market, there is a smaller daytime market across the square. You will find food and snacks for sale.

  1. Flower Market

While on your visit to the Wororot Market, take a stroll to the back of it along the Mae Ping River. There you will find a street lined with stalls selling flowers.

On this street, you will find traditional stores and open-air stalls. Cars will pull up and shout their order for garlands and offerings.

While some of the shops close in the evening, most stay open late into the night. Enjoy the night view of brightly lit flowers as jasmine wafts through the air.

You will find jasmine, marigolds, rosebuds, orchids, and also roses at cheap prices. Take a moment to appreciate the women handcrafting everything you see in the back of the stalls.

It is a common sight to see large bags of blooms. They will get strung together for garlands throughout the day.

  1. Chiang Mai’s Student Markets

There are two markets popular with the students of Chiang Mai University. Due to this you will find bargains on clothes, food, and accessories.

There are two places to go to discover this market. First, head to the back entrance of the university on Huay Kaew Road. Then follow that road east towards the center of town for the other half of the market.

This one is lesser known of the Chiang Mai markets for most tourists. You will get a unique insight into Thai youth culture. Be sure to grab some Thai barbecue while you’re here.

Once your done shopping these markets head to the neighborhood of Nimmanhaemin. It’s a nearby trendy nighttime spot to grab a drink.

Visit the Markets in Chiang Mai

Whatever the day of the week or time of day, there is always an amazing market waiting for you in Chiang Mai. You are therefore sure to find a wide selection of goods to meet everyone’s desire.

No matter where you go, food is a key part of the markets. Whether it is fresh produce, prepared dishes, or street food, it is sure to delight your taste buds.

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