Luxury Travel after COVID-19 – Plenty to look forward to

As we look to the lifting of travel restrictions it is time to think about the future of luxury travel after COVID-19. Sure things are not going to be the same as before. Mass tourism is going to take some time to recover. But for the luxury traveler things are a whole lot different.

The renowned architect and designer Bill Bensley believes that social distancing will be with us for years. Bensley caters to the better off traveler. “I think we’ll travel less post-crisis—I know I will—but mostly I think people will be radically more selective about where they go. That’s a positive for our world,” he says. “Certainly, the ‘monied’ people are going to go to places that are more remote and places in deep nature.”

As the luxury travel market kick starts the tourism industry here are some things to look out for.


Biosecurity and social distancing will ensure a better flight experience. There will be more space between passengers. Will we actually enjoy more legroom? What a joy. All aircraft will be deep cleaned between flights.  Airlines will change their HEPA filters very much more frequently. Emirates are already showing the way forward.

We will either see the removal of seats or at least the blocking of seats to ensure social distancing.

According to the United States Studies Center (USSC) there could be a boost in private aviation as the super-rich turn to executive jets to ensure social distancing.

Whatever the outcome you can be sure of a cleaner and healthier flight than ever before.


We will have to practice social distancing in airports. We might be required to wear face masks and will probably have our temperatures checked. However on the plus side we will enjoy less competition for resources. Less crowds and easier passage through to the aircraft.

Luxury travel after COVID-19 – The Best Destinations

Countries with the lowest impact of the virus will surely be the first to be able to re-open for tourism. Fortunately there seems to be a correlation between low impact and warmer climates. Many of our favorite destinations are also the least impacted by the virus. Warm tropical and sub-tropical paradises here we come.

One thing is for sure – luxury travel after COVID-19 will take us to more remote areas. To be more precise we will look for less populated areas. It is so much easier and enjoyable practicing social distancing in the vast Savannah of Africa or the mountains of northern Thailand.

As luck would have it there has been a steady growth in these types of luxury travel destinations as the better off traveler has already looked to get off the beaten track and away from the crowds.

There are plenty of private luxury destinations set deep in amongst nature. And these are the best places to go to unwind and relax anyway. The luxury traveler has also been demanding a more experiential holiday. This has largely been catered for by exclusive, independent tours and activities

Mass tourism has had a dreadful impact on many areas of natural beauty. We have already witnessed how quickly those areas regenerate without hoards of tourists. Luxury travel after COVID-19 will put you back into unspoiled areas of natural beauty.

How about our holiday accommodation?

Hotels, guesthouses and resorts will all have to practice social distancing. Under these circumstances it will certainly be a challenge for them to make your stay a pleasant one. At the same time AirBnb types of accommodation will put travelers right on the front line of the local population. Arranging access and getting to and from this kind of accommodation is near impossible in a social distancing world.

Private resorts and villas may well be the answer for luxury travel after COVID-19. Travelers will look for accommodations with the maximum provision of exclusive facilities. They will appreciate an abundance of personal service and sparsely populated communal areas.

The best places will be an experience in themselves. You will enjoy fabulous facilities, architecture, private gardens and swimming pools. You should expect unrivaled personal service. These accommodations will keep you wanting to stay onsite thereby avoiding the business of travel and social distancing.

Multi versus single destination holidays

Actually moving from A to B is undoubtedly going to be more expensive and more demanding than in the past.  We will therefore probably travel less often but stay a little longer. Single destination vacations will be much more appealing post COVID-19. No problem. Look for areas where there is plenty to do and luxury accommodation that makes you want to stay onsite.

What attractions will be appealing?

It is hard to imagine that the seaside will not remain a massive draw to holidaymakers of the future. The luxury traveler will still be able to find resorts and villas with private beaches. Crowded public beaches, bars clubs and restaurants will not be so appealing.

It is likely therefore that the luxury traveler will look for destinations a little off the beaten track. Areas of natural beauty where the attraction is their very remoteness.

Small, private group activities such as sightseeing, hiking and trekking will be more attractive options. People will seek out more personal activities. Small guided tours, individual or small group experiences will be the order of the day. Maybe cooking, photography and similar courses or cultural experiences carried out on a one to one, restricted group or family basis will be popular. Often these kinds of activities are also a useful way to get an insight into the lives of the local people and the culture of the area.

Travelers will probably be less likely to want to take public transport. People may prefer inclusive attractions and activities with private transport directly from your accommodation and back again.

Luxury Travel after COVID 10 – Conclusions

Social distancing, the expense of air travel and the extra inconvenience of travel will shape the future of tourism post COVID 19. Those that can afford it will look for exclusive and independent accommodations. They will travel less and probably prefer to stay in one destination for longer. As Bill Bensley says “Certainly, the ‘monied’ people are going to go to places that are more remote and places in deep nature.” Tourism providers will service a need for personal, independent activities.

Those with the ability to buy into top end travel will enjoy the added benefit of less crowds and more personal and individual quality service. Indeed for the top end traveler the future of travel may be better than ever.

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Luxury travel after COVID-19 is still going to be fabulous. You might need to look at new destinations, and approach your holiday in a slightly new way, but there sure is plenty to look forward to.