Look for The Best 5 Star Luxury Hotels in Chiang Mai

Luxury hotels are often the first choice in accommodation when it comes to relaxing and luxurious breaks and holidays. They cater to the high end traveler and the most discerning clients. The highest-quality service is also provided in beautiful and elegant surroundings. However, not all luxury hotels are able to provide high levels of privacy. Do you want to be away from prying eyes during your holiday?  A 5 star private villa might be the best option. However five-star luxury villas in Chiang Mai usually mean that you will be self-catering with minimal service during your stay. What if you could combine the privacy of a luxury private villa with the services provided by the best 5 star luxury hotels in Chiang Mai? Here are a few pointers to help you find the best luxury villas in the area.

Selecting the best 5 Star Luxury Hotels in Chiang Mai

Observe the location

Luxury hotels in Chiang Mai can be found within the city and also outside, in the countryside. Are you looking for more peace and quiet on your holiday? Go for a villa that is set amidst the wonderful diversity of the local flora and fauna outside the city. That way, you do not have to worry about crowded streets and traffic. You can have a more relaxing day or evening with your family or loved one. It is much easier to get into the city to enjoy the attractions there than it is to get out to experience the peace and wonder of the surrounding countryside.

See what the experience will be

If you are staying in a luxury hotel outside the city they may offer a more experiential travel atmosphere. More and more travelers are looking to experience the lands that they travel to rather than just to observe them.  Looking further than the downtown hotel chains you will discover Howie’s Homestay. Their focus is on introducing you to this wonderful part of the world. Join Jerri as she cooks up an array of wonderful Thai dishes. Let Howie introduce you to sights and attractions that are not all on the main tourist agenda. Just being in the grounds of this exceptional private resort will put you right up close to the flora and fauna of the area.

Check the facilities and services

Howie’s HomeStay combines the service offered by the best 5 star luxury hotels in Chiang Mai with the personal attention of a Boutique hotel and the privacy of a luxury private villa. Typical chain luxury hotels are buildings with an array of rooms beside each other—not exactly private. Howie’s HomeStay is one of the best luxury properties in Chiang Mai and is constructed in the form of a collection of individual pavilions or villas one of which will be your bedroom. What’s more they make sure that you are the only guests staying for the entire duration of your visit thus offering levels of privacy, personal attention and service unlike anywhere else in Chiang Mai.

The Best 5 Star Luxury Hotels in Chiang Mai

Howie’s HomeStay provides more of an immersive and luxury experiential travel offering. By catering to only one group or couple in residence at any one time they are able to offer their advice on what to see and do based on their many years experience of living in the area as well as your own personal preferences.  Make your stay in Chiang Mai truly memorable. See reviews of Howie’s HomeStay here. Contact us for more information.