Chiang Mai Flora and Fauna at a Luxury Resort in The Mae Rim Valley

Do you want to be away from the noise of the city center? Do you also want to be immersed in Chiang Mai flora and fauna? Then stay in a luxury resort in the Mae Rim Valley. The most renowned establishments offering luxury accommodations in Chiang Mai are in this area. This includes The Four Seasons and a also a number of private villas with views of the mountains and rice paddies.

Mae Rim is only about 15 kilometers to the north of Chiang Mai. This stunning outdoor playground offers plenty of activities. It is home to a botanical garden, elephant sanctuaries, orchid farms, and of course, the famous waterfalls. Tourists also come here to watch animal shows featuring clever monkeys, dogs, and even snakes. Looking for some adrenalin-pumping action? Go bungee jumping or ride an ATV. Families and couples on their honeymoon absolutely love this part of Chiang Mai because it is away from the noisy city center but is still close enough to the action.

The valley is also home to resorts, hotels, and villas offering luxury accommodations in Chiang Mai. Restaurants here are plentiful, from roadside stalls and budget noodle restaurants to fine dining establishments. Some of the best villas are all-inclusive, so a private chef will cook all your meals for you—from breakfast to dinner.

Everywhere you look there are wonderful architectural trees, extraordinary colors among the myriad of leaves and flowers. You can literally immerse yourself in Chiang Mai flora and fauna here. How many of Thailand’s exotic animals will you find?

Chiang Mai Flora and Fauna at Howie’s Homestay

If you are truly looking for luxury accommodations in Chiang Mai, you can’t go wrong with a private villa in the Mae Rim Valley. Choose a five-star resort property set in acres of private land, masterfully landscaped with stunning tropical gardens. You should be the ONLY guests during your stay—because that is the hallmark of true luxury. One of Chiang Mai’s most awarded villas is an architectural marvel with a huge infinity swimming pool, a beautiful garden with ponds and water features, and of course, world-class suites.

Wander through acres of private gardens and enjoy hundreds of exotic plants. Listen to the animals going about their business. Enjoy the pools teaming with fish and other wildlife. Nearby is the Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens as well, showpiece of Chiang Mai flora and fauna.