Acquiring a Plethora of Antiques and Handicrafts in Chiang Mai on a Holiday

If you love antiques and handicrafts, then make time to visit the many bazaars and markets during your Chiang Mai holiday. There are goldmines for every type of shopper here, whether you’re a serious collector who doesn’t mind spending thousands on rare pieces or a bargain-hunter looking for nice things to bring home.

Handicrafts are omnipresent in Chiang Mai. In fact, many tourists in Bangkok make a trek to this northern part of the country specifically to shop for antiques and souvenirs. The best selections are in the city center’s many bazaars and markets. From handmade Thai silks to jewelry, wood carvings, and art—everything you can imagine is offered.

Visiting the Night Bazaar

Chiang Mai’s most popular night bazaar is an antiques and handicrafts haven in the middle of the city, most notably on Chan Klan Road (which is also home to a Starbucks and a McDonald’s). Shops open at sundown. If you want higher-quality antiques, though, go straight to Vieng Ping Night Bazaar, which specializes in antiques, gems, and crafts. The prices are a bit more expensive, but the selection is more curated and upscale. Across the road from Vieng Ping is Galare Centre, which offers goods that are somewhat in between Vieng Ping and the street vendors in terms of quality. There is an open-air food court where you can watch traditional Thai dancing nightly (for free).

Baan Tawai Village

There is a small village south of the city called Baan Tawai, and the place to visit for exceptional wood carvings, artisanal handicrafts, and furniture. You will also find textiles, lacquer ware, basketry, silverware, Buddhist art, and rattan crafts here. There are quaint cafés all over the village.

Your private villa in Chiang Mai can help you arrange private transport for a day of shopping. They can even provide you an English-speaking guide who can take you to the best places and help you score great bargains.